What should I expect on a Sunday Morning?

Family Church is a place where people can meet Jesus, connect with others, and where everyone is welcome. You have a place here!
If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a tour of our campus, please contact us HERE or call the church office. 
The Services
We offer 3 worship services, as well as a Spanish service. If you value the great hymns of the faith, come to the 8:00 service. If you prefer a blend of modern worship songs, come at 9:30 or 11:00. If you want to sing in Spanish, come at 12:45. Our people participate throughout the services, but many first-timers prefer to primarily observe. That’s okay. We won’t pressure you to say anything, give anything, or do anything. After all, you are coming to see if this is a place and a people you could enjoy. Some people like to dress up; others wear shorts. Come as you like. Some bring a Bible; others prefer a Bible App. Others just like to read the Scriptures as they are presented on the large screens. 
The Bible
When it is time for the teaching, our Lead Pastor will invite you to open your Bible or Bible App and listen as he reads the Scripture text for the morning.  He will then teach and explain what that text means. It’s called expository or expositional preaching. That means we teach through books of the Bible, verse by verse. We do this because “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word.” We want to help you understand and value the truth of the Bible. We believe it is infallible and inerrant. We want you to learn it so well that you could, in turn, explain it to someone else. We believe this fulfills the Great Commission which is Jesus’ mandate to “make disciples.”

CLICK HERE to read our conservative and evangelical mission statement, taught from a reformed perspective. CLICK HERE to watch a recent teaching.
The Teaching
To help everyone pay attention and stay engaged, we provide message notes with ‘fill in the blanks. The answers appear on the overhead screen about every 1-3 minutes. Most everyone tells us they love this style of teaching because it helps keep them engaged throughout the 30-minute message. The Pastor is well-spoken, always prepared, and includes interesting illustrations and stories, sometimes videos and music. All are designed to maximize the learning of God’s Word and its application to our lives. He concludes with a time of private prayer to help you make any appropriate decisions. Prayer Partners are available after the Services down front if you’d like to talk or pray with someone or share a decision.
The Music
We select songs and hymns that are doctrinally rich with truth. Our worship team will inspire you to express your heart to the Lord, giving Him the glory that acknowledges His grace and greatness. He is a gracious God, full of grace and truth.
The Children
We love families. There is a secure check-in system that assures your child’s safety. Every worker has had a background check and has been properly trained.  We offer preschool care and children's church. Children can attend the Service, all we ask is that if they get noisy, you take them to the lobby where you can view the Service on the TV screen there.  We teach them God’s Word through songs, videos, teachings, and prayer. We want to help you “train up (your) child in the ways he/she should go.” Our Children's Director, Marlena Bender, will be glad to assist you in any way she can.  Visit our FC Kids page for more information.

The Students
Middle and high school students are welcome to attend any Service with you. During the 11:00 hour, we offer small group Bible studies for them. This is where they can build friendships, ask questions, or just listen, enjoy interactive teaching, and learn from studies that are interesting and relevant to their lives. Pastor Jason Bishop, our Pastor of Students & Young Adults, would be delighted to answer any questions.
When you arrive, look for the large banner that says ‘Guests’ and park in one of the marked spaces close to the worship center. Then head to the Worship Center. Friendly folks will gladly assist you if you have children or students to get to their locations.  
The Worship Center
Greeters will welcome you at the door. The large, clean, private restrooms are in the lobby and clearly marked. Folks at the Connection Counter will gladly answer any questions you have. You’ll receive a bulletin as you enter the worship center. We have over 500 seats, so find a place that’s comfortable for you. On the screens, you’ll observe the countdown that often includes video announcements and mission moments. We start on time. 
Family Groups
While our large gathering is lively and faith-inspiring, we hope that everyone will eventually participate in a small group. We offer them during the 9:30 & 11:00 hours, as well as during the week. CLICK HERE for more information. If you aren’t sure where to go, feel free to ask an usher or one of the folks at the Connection Corner in the lobby. They will gladly take you to one of the classes. Groups are very open to new attenders, but they will not put you on the spot. You will be welcomed, but never embarrassed. You will not be asked to pray or read aloud. However, you will have opportunity to ask questions and hear interesting answers from God’s Word that will strengthen your faith. We also offer Groups at other times, including a group for young adults on Monday nights and a young marrieds group (Strive Together) on Tuesday nights. We offer Men’s and Ladies’ Bible studies throughput the year. Our Discipleship Pastor Scott Allred can help you with questions you may have about our Groups.